Answering Service Solutions

Live answering services for any and all business needs. Options for unlimited voicemail and online appointment scheduling services.

24/7 Answering Services - Medical, Business, HVAC, Contractor...
Prompt Anserfone has been serving customers for over 50 years.

Contact Center

Our highly-trained operators are diligent in providing the highest quality of answering service. What's important to you is our Number One priority.

Our medical answering service representatives are trained professionals.

All operators have signed a non-disclosure statement and all are HIPAA compliant.

24/7 Answering Services - Medical, Business, HVAC, Contractor...

Live Answering Services & Voicemail

Whether you need 24 hour 7 day answering service or just during peak hours, we'll be there. We'll customize a plan for you. Our skilled agents can handle your calls with the care, discretion, and the professionalism your callers deserve.

You have multiple options. Your calls can be relayed to you via cell phone, text messaging, or fax. We can also call you directly on your cell.

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State-of-the-art Contact Center Solutions
Outstanding Medical Answering Services
HVAC & General Contractor Answering Services
Online Appointment Scheduling Service

Voicemail Options (Reduce Answering Service Costs by 1/3 or more)

State-of-the-art Contact Center Solutions

Prompt Anserfone's state-of-the-art contact center and answering service solutions gives you around the clock support for your business or medical practice needs. We offer customized message-taking as well as a full range of voice-mail services. Receive your messages via cell phone, email or fax. We can also call you on your home and cell phone to relay your important messages. You tell us how to handle your calls! We can even handle your appointment scheduling for you.Medical Answering Service

Outstanding Medical Answering Services

Confidentiality and security are vital. Our medical answering service representatives are trained professionals. We are fully HIPAA compliant. Prompt's highly-trained operators can answer your calls, with Prompt Anserfone as your answering service, you can rest assured that the needs of your patients, after hours will be met. Your confidentiality is assured.

HVAC & General Contractor Answering Services

We know that mother nature doesn't take a break when you do, but that doesn't mean that you are in the dark when your customers need you the most. Our call centers will be there to dispatch emergency calls so you don't miss a beat. Like all of our services, your method of retrieval is up to you, whether it's via email, text message, voicemail, or home and cell phone.

Online Appointment Scheduling Service

Let Prompt Anserfone take your calls and schedule your appointments. Prompt Anserfone's online scheduler is a web-based scheduling system that allows our call center operators to set appointments in real-time for you. You can manage your own appointments from any where you have Internet access.

Voicemail Options

We offer a full range of voice-mail options. By incorporating these options with live-answering service, you can reduce your answering service charges by one-third or more.

A customized pre-announcement (which you can change at anytime) will give your callers important information and screen your calls.

You will only be charged for calls handled by an operator - never for calls handled by voice-mail.

Voicemail boxes are free with live operator answering service. A caller can leave a message in your voice-mail box, or go directly to a live operator.

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